Neighbours Catfight! Catfight Rules

Neighbours catfight!neighbours catfight-13

A dispute between two female neighbours outside the home of one of them quickly escalates into an all out catfight on the front lawn!

One tells the other she knows she has a broken arm, and doesn’t want to hurt her.

Then she starts hurting her!

Ladies, please … what will the neighbours say?


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3 Comments on “Neighbours Catfight! Catfight Rules

  1. Although there was a definite size difference, the hair pulling and body to body contact made this fight sexy. I love the way the bigger woman’s breasts hung down and swayed back and forth when she was on top of the smaller girl.

  2. At first sight I thought the blonde looked as though she might be aggressive. After the finger pointing by the larger lady I hoped the blonde lady would step forward and push her breasts into her opponents to show she was not intimidated. When the brunette placed whatever she was carrying on the car windscreen, it was obvious she was about to fight, so the blonde might have got in first. An enjoyable scrap and anyone in a neighbouring house or someone walking down the street, would have enjoyed watching it.

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